Depository Services


Account of Securities (CSD Account)

The CSD and Registry Company Limited (CSDR) is a bank of investor’s securities for listed securities that are at Dar es Salaam Stock Exchange and non – listed securities. The CSDR keeps custody of investor’s securities in their CSD Accounts in an electronic / dematerialized form. The CSD Members / Depository Participants are registered institutional members of the CSDR who open and maintain investors’ CSD Accounts on behalf of the investor. Before investor buys securities through the primary market “an Initial Public Offering” (IPO) or on the secondary market “at Dar es Salaam Stock Exchange PLC”, the investor must open a CSD Account through a CSD Member / Depository Participant.

Issuer companies whose securities have been admitted by CSDR for depository services can be found on our website, through the link.

Security Deposit

Security deposit is the conversion of physical security certificates into an electronic form / balances in the CSDR systems. The CSDR allows deposit of investor’s certificated securities through CSD Members / Depository Participants into the Central Depository systems.

Currently, all securities at the CSDR are kept in the dematerialised form, i.e. all issuers have deposited security holdings of their shareholders at the CSDR. The dematerialised form allows selling or buying of securities at Dar es Salaam Stock Exchange and other depository services like Transfer and Mortgaging of securities to be facilitated in efficient manner.

Transfer of securities

The CSDR also facilitates transfer of securities from an investor’s CSD Accounts to another in case of death, bankruptcy or on any other operation as mandated by law.

Mortgage of Securities

If the CSD Account holder wishes to mortgage securities, he/ she can do so through his/her CSD Member / Depository Participant by filling relevant mortgage forms that must be approved by the Lender. The CSDR will use the investor’s securities as collateral. Mortgaged shares cannot be traded or transferred.

After the investor’s mortgage has been fully paid the investor will through a CSD Member submit a mortgage release form that is approved by the Lender to the CSDR. The CSDR will thereafter release the mortgaged shares.

Amendment/ Change of CSD Account Details

The CSD Account holder who wishes to change details of his/her Account i.e. Address, Names, telephone number or Bank Account details, may through a CSD Member / Depository Participant submit an Amendment form to the CSDR for change to be effected.