Registrar Services


Managing a security’s register can be expensive, time consuming and an overhead to the issuer. Registry services is one the core functions of the CSDR. The CSDR through its expertise and experience offers a full range of registry services to its registry service subscribers including:

  • Transition and Maintenance of register;
  • Maintenance of shareholder details;
  • management of shareholder enquiries;
  • Calculation and distribution of dividend payments;
  • Bond management and administration of interest payments.
  • Managing of unclaimed dividends;
  • Reports - the CSDR generates periodical reports to provide issuers with security holding movements, dividend payments, unclaimed dividends as well as various ad-hoc reports as requested by issuer.


Clients subscribed to CSDR’s Registrar Services:

  1. Vodacom Tanzania PLC
  2. Tanga Cement PLC
  3. Dar es salaam Stock Exchange PLC
  4. TOL Gases Limited
  5. Swala Oil and Gas (Tanzania) PLC
  6. Mwalimu Commercial Bank PLC
  7. Mkombozi Commercial Bank PLC
  8. Maendeleo Bank PLC
  9. Mucoba Bank PLC
  10. National Investment Company Limited (NICO)
  11. TCCIA Investment PLC (TICL)
  12. Tanzania Breweries PLC (TBL)