Updating CDS Account Details

Updating CSD Account Details

The investor should submit duly signed Amendment of CDS Account Details Form CDS 2 (d) indicating the desired changes together with a Standard Identification and any other required supporting documents to his CSD Member.

The Amendment of CDS Account Details Form CDS 2 (d) shall be supported by the relevant documentary evidence as set forth in the table below.

The following information / documents will be required of the Investor


Type of Investor


Copies of documents applicable



Individual over 18 years

Standard Identification

Passport Picture and

Proof of Address


Birth Certificate of minor or any applicable Standard Identification of Minor

Passport Picture of Minor and

Standard Identification of Guardian / Trustee



Certificate of Incorporation

Board Resolution and Authorized Signatures

Passport Pictures of authorized signatories




Trust Account by Individual trustees / Joint Trustees


Trust Deed

Standard IDs of the Trustees

Foundations / Trust Funds (Registered Fund)

Certificate of Registration of Trust

Board Resolution


Societies, Investment Club & Churches

Constitution / Certificate of Registration

Resolution of the Governing body


Corporations incorporated by an Act of Parliament

Board Resolution



Letter of Administration

Death Certificate

Probate with will annexed

Standard Identification of Administrators


Click & Download below PDF file to get a copy of Amendment of CDS Account Details Form CDS 2 (d).

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